Phonetic Alphabet

Notes of PP.


Can you see the green leaves in the field?


Be quick! Be quick! We’ll go to the cinema. It is a ticket.


The nurse saw a turtle on her purple curtain.


Ted has an egg and some bread and goes to bed.
It’s the first time I put up my hand, but it was a pity that I didn’t show me up.


I am Paul. I am four. I am tall. Give me a call!


Tom’s got a lot of dots on his pocket. He will use a lot of hot water to wash off the dots.


How do you do! Bring your stool! Go to school!


Green wood. Mike cook. Please have a look! I have a good book.


card / garden / march.


son / come / colour / love / money.
sun / nut / jump / gum / bus / brush.
supper / us.
touch / cousin / country.


dad / cap / cat / bad / apple / bag / flag / rabbit / black / fat / has / rat / map.


egg / desk / leg / pet / head / breakfast.

/ei/ = /e/ + /i/

cake / make / name / game / snake / gate / lazy / rain.