UV Unique Visitor
PV Page View


UV refers to a number of people to visit one site or click one page with different IP. It’s only recorded as first visit with unqiue IP, not recorded for again in the same day. UV provides a index to count visitors during a given time, not total activity in the site.
UV 表示站点一天内不同IP来源访问的用户数


PV refers to a number of pages which are viewed or clicked, which is a measure for visitor volume on the site. To be specific, PV value is that all visitors view how many pages or how many times in one site in 24 hours. PV is a times to refresh page, one PV traffic, one page refreshing.
PV 表示页面一天内总访问量


  • 当前仅有一个服务节点A。
  • 某天有100位用户访问该服务,每用户访问10次。
  • 节点A UV=100; PV=1000
  • 当前有负载均衡节点X,服务节点A,服务节点B各一个,节点X分配到A和B提供服务的几率都是50%。
  • 某天有100位用户访问该服务,每用户访问10次。
  • 节点A UV = (1 - 0.5^10)*100 ~= 99.902; PV~=500
  • 节点B UV = (1 - 0.5^10)*100 ~= 99.902; PV~=500
  • 当前有负载均衡节点X,服务节点A,服务节点B各一个,节点X分配到A和B提供服务的几率分别是70%和30%。
  • 某天有100位用户访问该服务,每用户访问10次。
  • 节点A UV = (1 - 0.3^10)*100 ~= 99.999; PV~=700
  • 节点B UV = (1 - 0.7^10)*100 ~= 97.175; PV~=300